Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life is Worth Living

This ache in my heart,
It is so strong;
I cant understand,
What could be wrong.

Some say the blues,
some say an obsession;
But to be this strong,
It must be depresion.

I cant shake this feeling,
I dont want to live;
For I have nothing,
Nothing to give.

If I can just make it,
Just till tomorrow;
The pain will be gone,
There'll be no more sorrow.

But when tomorrow,
Turns into today;
Nothing has changed
,Nothings gone away.

Someone please help me,
Before I fall in;
I cant live another day,
Like this one again.

As I look in your eyes,
At my reflection;
I noticed Ive changed,
To a new direction.

Thru the worst of my life,
I know now I've made it;
I have climbed up out,
Up out of the pit.

I now can believe,
That life is worth living;
And things do look better,
For life is worth living.

For those of you who dont know I wrote this in 1983. I struggle with depression, and am still learning I can not dwell on the negative because of depression. I cant watch scarey movies, or play games that have wicked looking things or dark things in it. I have to always look toward the future, so that I can focus on hope. It is the only way i can live each day.

I post this for those who also struggle, dont give up hope. The day may look bad at the moment, but thats just what it is, just a moment. Time will make things look brighter again. Focus on the positive things in your life. Also, remember you always have a friend in me to lean on if you should ever need to.


  1. Aunt Robbie, if you ever need to chat, I will be here for you. It was so great chatting the other day on FaceBook, I'm glad I added myself to this new time-sucker.

    By the way, I love the poem, it's beautifully written.

    Take care, dear friend.

  2. Love you, Ari.

    You are the best of people and I am proud to call you friend.